I was very humbled to be the keynote speaker at the Livonia Police Memorial ceremony last night. Chief Caid organized a very moving and wonderful tribute to not only Livonia’s fallen but to all of the State’s law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. The Chief also recognized the Livonia officers who retired and have passed in the last year.

As the roll call of all of the officers was read I was reminded of the brotherhood and sisterhood of this great profession. I did not know the officers who died in the line of duty at Livonia but I did know many of the retirees who have passed. Having retired from Garden City and just down the road from Livonia I worked and socialized with many of them. There were many retirees in the audience as well whom I know and have been friends with for many years.

While I did not know the officers who died in the line of duty I felt I knew of them. In fact my speech was about that fact. While I did not work with —  or have the honor to have met them — I have been them, working patrol. I experienced many of the things they did, working nights, holidays, adrenaline highs, emotional lows and all the other experiences that police officers go through. So while I never spoke to them, I feel that kinship and likewise that sense of loss.

It reminds me to not take for granted these relationships we develop in our profession. Especially it is relevant to remember all who have passed and to cherish those relationships we still have during the coming Police Memorial week,


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