Very proud

Last weekend I attended the Michigan Sheriffs Association Conference banquet. As part of the banquet awards were given to deputies for various actions they took in the performance of their duties. All of these were serious incidents and the deputies risked their lives for either a citizen or each other. Most of these involved a shooting and one deputy had been wounded but thankfully  recovered and attended the ceremony.

I was amazed that, despite my role in law enforcement in this state, I had only heard of one of the incidents. I was riveted by the accounts of each incident and moved to emotion at the professionalism , dedication and heroism displayed by these officers.

A feeling of overwhelming pride overtook me as I looked at each of the award recipients. I could not help but think how many others took part in the success of each of the incidents that were behind the scenes, such as dispatchers, supervisors and trainers from the basic academy to in-service.

It takes a team and it takes preparation and dedication to train that causes these successes.  We have amazing law enforcement officers in this state who are every sense of the word professional and I am proud to be a part of that family.